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Selcomm from Select Software Solutions is an Industry leading MDMS, Provisioning, CRM, and Billing Solution for the Utility industry.
Available on a per module software licence basis, as a completely outsourced Cloud Service, or any hybrid model that suits your business.
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Fully Integrated

Selcomm caters for all aspects of a Utility’s business – Sales, Orders, Customer Care, Billing, Meter Data Acquisition and Management, Provisioning, and Integration. All modules are fully integrated, and support ALL leading Utility services including MDM, AMI, Meter Management, Account Management, Sub-Metering, Embedded Networks, Provisioning and Invoicing. In addition, Selcomm addresses multi-service billing – allowing you to include your own services as well as consumption-based billing that can be tiered and discounted in any way you desire.

Interface Ready

With “Out-of-the-Box” interfaces, Selcomm supports an unlimited variety of billable transactions, along with a functionally rich set of features that allow you to manage the complete Product lifecycle. We have 300 business partner systems integrated – including banks, and payment gateways. We also have thousands of Web Services allowing you to incorporate our rich functionality into your existing platforms. You can use only the functionality you need, rather than having to replace existing applications that you would prefer to continue using.

Scalable & Flexible

It is a proven, robust, scalable and highly flexible solution that has for over two decades been powering organisations that have sophisticated and dynamic billing requirements with large volumes of transactions – whether large-scale utilities (Electricity, Gas, or Water), Sub-Network operators like Property Developers or Local Authorities, or any future Business that needs Utility Billing. Whatever your needs for managing the full life-cycle of your Products, Services, and Customers – Selcomm delivers them – quickly and easily.

Selcomm’s Integrated Modules address the following key areas of functionality:



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yellow-cogBilling Engine


Billing Features

Converged Billing

Converged Billing Features

Accurate and timely billing is arguably one of the most important functions of your business for revenue, cash flow, and Customer Satisfaction. Selcomm Billing allows you to introduce and manage new packages quickly and easily. Faster implementation means better market response, and better profit.

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Billing Features

Billing Features

Wide range of rates and discount types supported by rapid configuration.
Process Multiple Invoice “Brands”.
Customised Bill Printing with targeted messages, formats and media.
Feeds from multiple source systems.
Fully configurable and scalable.

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Rating Features

Rating Features

Selcomm provides a sophisticated rating engine for the construction and mapping of usage detail records into a common usage format for subsequent processing. Further, with its high-speed processing engine, multiple program threads take advantage of multiple server processors to cater for massive volumes of data that can be generated by the network.

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Tariffing Features

Tariffing Features

Tariffs are the application of charges to the detailed transactions that Utility Providers wish to bill their Customers.

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Discounting Features

Discounting Features

As with Tariff packages, Discounting regimes can be extremely complex. Discounts may be applied from the individual transaction through to the entire bill for the Customer. Discounts may be volume based, categorised by service group, content based, threshold, or any combination of factors.

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Bill Production

Bill Production Features

Bill production supports many Utility needs:
FFully customisable Bill and Statement formats.
Hardcopy, PDF, File or other formats.
Post, Bulk Email, Web Portal, on demand via CRM.
Service by Cost Centre in Bill, Audit and Tax reporting.
Graphical Spend Comparison, Loyalty Status and more.

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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Features

Selcomm has a fully functional Accounts Receivable system for the management of Utility Services and Customers, reducing effort required to integrate data from financial sources such as Billing and Payment systems into external accounting and finance packages.

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Payment Processing

Payment Processing Features

Selcomm Payment Processing interfaces with a wide range of Merchant Gateways. Transactions can be posted in real time, on a periodic basis, or automatically based on configurable thresholds. Selcomm supports all major banks and popular merchant service solutions.

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Bill Report Management

Report Management Features

Bill Run – Revenue Analysis, Debt Mgt, Cost Reconciliation, etc.
Daily Mgt – Payment Mgt, Debt Control, Sales Mgt, etc.
Customer – Account, Service, Spend, Usage, Peak, etc.
Analytical – A broad range of business areas are analysed.

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grey-cogCRM Module


CRM Features

Customer Management

Customer Management Features

Customer Care is at the heart of a Competitive business. Selcomm stands apart from the many general CRM products on the market, being designed, configured and customised specifically for a Utility businesses. It allows account status, management and service requests to be tracked and communicated to the Customer in a timely manner – critical to Customer Satisfaction and increased Loyalty.

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Account Management

Account Management Features

Selcomm CRM Account Management is Customer-centric and allows Call Centre staff to service Customer accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible. It centralises account management activities in one single view. With an easy-to-use interface, Customer Care Agents have access to current financial position, value of account, all account communication history and all associated account services.

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Service Management

Service Management Features

Selcomm Customer Care and CRM provides complete Service Management for all service types with easy-to-use standardised methods incorporating activation, connection, disconnection, tariff changes, contract management, and many other service lifecycle actions. Selcomm guides the operator with a consistent look and feel, and business rules minimise potential errors.

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Workflow Management

Workflow Management Features

Selcomm’s core is an Event Management Engine that defines and drives the business processes flowing through it. Specific business processes (e.g. the activation of a service) are defined as a lifecycle, in turn defined as a series of events. For example, the service is allocated to an account; has a tariff plan associated with it for the purpose of billing; is registered on the network; and requires a confirmation for activation from the appropriate team.

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Ticket Management

Ticket Management Features

The Selcomm Ticketing interface is a web Portal used by Customers for self-service and maintenance, and by Users to respond to these requests. It has the following key features: Custom Fields; Ticket Rules; Help Topics; Ticket Locks; Assignment and Transfer; Autoresponder; Internal Notes; SLAs; and a Customer Portal.

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CRM Report Management

Report Management Features

Bill Run Reports – Revenue Analysis, Debt Management, Cost reconciliation.
Daily Management Reports – Payment Management, Debt Control, Sales Management.
Customer Reports – Financial, Account, Service, Spend, In-bound, etc.
Analytical Reports – A broad range of business areas are analysed.

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Self-Service and Portals

Selcomm SelfCare is series of web Portals for use by Customers and other User groups for self-service and maintenance. It allows Customers to log into the system using their account number and password to manage their own accounts and services, including enquiries into current and past bills, processing of payments online, changing of packages and production of detailed reports in both PDF and MS Excel formats.

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blue-cogMeter & Network Mgt

Meter Data Management

MDMS Features

Increased competition, smart meters, smart grids, and more are forcing Utilities into new services and shorter product release cycles. The MDMS is crucial to this new environment and must address much more than just collecting the readings at ever-decreasing intervals – it must provide a full platform of services from data acquisition to billing.

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Device Management

Device Management Features

Selcomm provides complete Management for a very broad range of devices with an easy-to-use standardised methods. Key Functions include: Configuration, On-Boarding (activation), Profile Configuration (Service Attributes), Dis/Connection, Firmware Management, and more.

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Network Module

Network Module Key Features

All communication network related commands for data collection (using any standard protocols) are consistent across Selcomm’s applications. All lifecycle service requests on the network are underpinned by the Selcomm Event Management System. Any event can be submitted for immediate action or scheduled for future processing.

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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Key Features

The Selcomm Data Acquisition Module provides a comprehensive approach to capturing and channeling the data into the MDMS. It provides for any format of usage transactions from any system, such as manual or semi-automatic reading, or core Utility systems. Selcomm acquires data from over 300 third party systems out of the box, with an underlying architecture that allows new feeds to be adapted with ease.

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Provisioning Key Features

Selcomm’s Provisioning is fully integrated with Sales and Order Processing and Customer Care, deploying and tracking services and equipment. Progress of each order and provisioning task is visible to Customer Care Agents and made available on Self-Care Portals as well, enabling full control of the provisioning process and easy correction of any issue that develops.

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green-cogSales & Orders

Order Processing

Order Processing Features

Selcomm Order Processing has the rich functionality you would expect – including: Processing Orders from multiple channels at a single desk; Supporting Multiple Business Units with a flexible rules engine; Controlling Advertising Cost with the Marketing and Promotions Module; Integrated Dispatch Control; On-Line Credit Approval; and Real-time Stock and Financial Control.

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Sales Processing

Sales Processing features

As sales volumes grow, Selcomm reduces the cost of operation by automating and streamlining administration and workflow. Through the Customer Care Interface, sales processing events are defined in the service life cycle, allowing easy growth to address new mixes of services and new Service Provider requirements.

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Sub-Meterer Management

Sub-Meterer Mgt Features

Selcomm addresses the provision of Utility products and Services to a downstream Customer – such as a Property Developer. Selcomm manages Product ordering, credit & payment processing, provisioning & billing with reports on pricing and commission processing, sales control, and segregation of accounts receivable and GL at a Sub-Meterer level.

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Deployment Models

Selcomm is available either on a per module software licence basis, as a completely outsourced Cloud Service, or any Hybrid licensing model that suits your business.

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Want to Download Our

Want a Demonstration of

Selcomm Product Brochure?

The Selcomm Enterprise Suite?



Want to Download Our

Want a Demonstration of

Selcomm Product Brochure?

The Selcomm Enterprise Suite?